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The AU Project

What If?

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This community is dedicated to brainstorming truely realistic alternative universe fiction, exploring each and every little detail of what would become of Middle Earth if there had been a Tenth Walker in the Fellowship, if there had been no Peter Pettigrew, that sort of thing, following every lead we get when a question is posed, "What if...?"

At this time, the community is limited to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. If you wish to utilize au_project for any other fandoms, get in touch with the moderator, tatooine. For that matter, if you have any suggestions at all, get in touch. Please.

"What If?" Projects.

Right now, the community is just "What if?" scenarios, in which one person asks a question and members of the community answer. For example, if the question were "What if Tolkien had never written LoTR?" then Bob could say "Fantasy wouldn't have become a mainstream thing" and Joe could add to that "JK Rowling would never have written Harry Potter." If Sue diagrees with Bob, though, and thinks that "Fantasy wouldn't have become as big, but the mass market would still buy lots of it and Harry Potter would have been a bestseller anyways," she can take advantage of the way that LJ comments separate into different branches and start down another train of thought. When in doubt, look at some of the older "What If" threads.

Rules for "What If?" Topics.

Try not to make questions too similar. Do not repeat questions. Do not post more than two "what if" topics a day -- that's two total, not "two for LoTR and two for HP."

Previous "What If Topics."

What if Merry and Pippin weren't allowed to join the Fellowship?
What if Dumbledore had been the Potters' Secret Keeper?

What if the hobbits had not met Aragorn in Bree?

What if, when Harry first saw the thestrals, he had mentioned them to Neville?

Other Stuff.

Hey, come on. This community is only a few hours old. Sooner or later, other stuff will be up and running. In the works: pass-around/add-on stories, big projects that involve real writing, fic challenges... you suggest it, it'll be considered.


1. Stay relatively on-topic. Use discretion. Don't post about painting your nails or asking for cooking tips (unless, of course, you're wondering if Sam could have poisoned Frodo in Osgiliath).

2. Be nice. If you don't like someone's idea, start your own branch of the topic. If you feel you must explain why you disagree, do so in a civil manner. No name calling, no excessive swearing. Don't do anything that Super Nanny would have to intervene in.

3. Obey the "What If?" rules.

4. Don't do anything that would violate the LJ TOS.

5. The mod retains the right to ban anyone and delete anything, though she probably won't do it.